13 Great Uses for Coconut Oil



Remove Wake up

You can use coconut oil to remove eye make up by gently rubbing it off with a piece cotton.


Ease Frizzy Hair

You can keep your wild locks under control by warming some coconut oil and running it through your hair to smooth strands out without looking greasy. It could also be used as a conditioner if you leave the oil all day.


Use for deodorant

The lauric acid that is found in coconut oil kills any odor-causing bacteria. You can put some oil under your armpits to stay fresh all day.


Wrinkles Reduction

Use coconut oil under your eye instead of a chemical eye cream to reduce wrinkles and keep skin smooth and young. The oil also produces collagen which gives a young fresh look.


Daily Moisturizer

Coconut oil has a major effect as a moisturizer because the skin tends to absorb it faster than many other lotions.


Use as Lip Balm

You can dab some coconut oil on your lips with your fingers to treat cracking and dry lips.


Use as a Shaving Cream

Coconut oil is perfect for sensitive skin as it is great for a close shave and perfect for an after moisturizer.


Use to Kill Lice

You can solve lice problem by rubbing apple cider vinegar on the affected area and later apply coconut oil into the hair and scalp and leave it overnight to kill the lice and give a smooth effect.


Treats Cold Sores

Apply some coconut oil on the spot that you feel a tingle in. The oil holds antiviral properties that will help to clear up the problem.


Protect Wounds

You can rub some coconut oil on your wounds as it will form a protective layer against dust or bacteria.


Use for Inner Beauty

Coconut oil contains chain triglycerides which are fats that provide energy instead of being stored by the body. You can make use of this advantage and eat one tablespoon per day.


Clears Baby Thrush

If your baby develops thrush, you can use coconut oil that works as a natural antifungal that will prevent infection from spreading; however always check with your doctor.


Gives a Better Tan

Coconut oil provides SPF protection however can also be used for tanning oil and prevents burning and peeling.